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Metals Used in Bethany Dell'Agnello Jewelry


The majority of my jewelry is made using sterling silver beads, components and findings.  I like the incredible variety available, the style and look of those components and how they combine with the stones I prefer when creating my designs.  


All my handmade earwires, hooks and eyes, wire wrapping, handmade silver rings, sculptural pieces, artistic wire shapes and even some of my beads are made using a special type of sterling silver called Argentium Sterling Silver.  


Argentium silver 935 is a modern sterling silver alloy, containing 93.5% silver, in which the traditional alloy (92.5% silver + 7.5% copper) is modified by removing some of the copper and adding the metalloid germanium. Argentium Sterling Silver is rated as both brighter and whiter than even Sterling Silver.  One of the major concerns in regards to silver has always been tarnishing. Besides making a more durable and hard alloy of sterling silver that is both higher in purity and and strength, Argentium Sterling Silver is recognized for its tarnish resistance.  It will still tarnish, but it will take much longer.

Occasionally, I find components that are silver on pewter with an anti-tarnish coating that I find irrestible.  If I use these, I always note this in the description.



When gold is used to create a piece of jewelry,  there may be a combination of several metals in the same piece. 


Beads:  Most of the fancy, antique-looking gold beads I use are pewter with a gold layer covered by an anti-tarnish coating.  I have found these components have a beautiful finish that lasts for years and years. Sometimes, I use brass beads, which will need a polishing cloth if left unworn for very long.  Occasionally, I use vermeil beads, which is the name for a sterling silver bead that has coated with a layer of gold, usually 14 kt, but sometimes 22 kt.  I rarely use gold-plated because this is the thinnest layer of gold and will wear off to reveal the base metal below and is the worst option for people with metal sensitivities.


Components: The gold I use for nearly all my wire components--anything from earwires and hooks to artistic shapes and rings/hoops, is 14 kt gold-filled wire.  Gold-filled wire has a base metal core with a very thick layer of 14 kt gold on the outside.  These products can give a lifetime of wear while never exposing the base layer below so they are usually safe for people with metal sensitivities.  


The same is true for the extender chain on necklaces and bracelets--unless otherwise noted, it is 14 kt gold-filled, a high quality product at an affordable price point for my customers.  


Brass wire is sometimes used to make components and to wrap--this is always noted in the description.  Some women like its funky and antiqued look when it becomes tarnished, others like to use a polishing cloth to bring it back to a nice, bright gold shine.  It is a big money-saver.



Copper is another favorite of mine.  I love using it for artistic wire shapes, love the beads I find in copper and I absolutely love it combined with certain stones such as turquoise! Copper will tarnish.  Some women enjoy its funky antique look and others prefer to use a polishing cloth to make it bright and shiny.  Any time I use copper for earrings I always use niobium for the ear hooks.  



Niobium is a non-reactive metal that is sometimes used for medical implants, similar to titanium. It comes in many colors, but I usually use the brown or black for my ear wires. If you have extreme metal sensitivities, try niobium ear wires!  They don't work for everyone, but many women find they can wear them when they can't wear sterling silver or gold filled.  I can switch ANY earring over to niobium upon request.  Just ask.  No extra charge--I want to make an earring addict out of you!

Earring Options

Customize your earring hooks!

I use a variety of different ear wire or ear hook styles.  If you would like your earrings switched over to a different style, all you have to do is ask, usually there is no extra charge ($1 extra for artistic silver).  


The photo shows my range of choices.  Moving clockwise beginning at noon:  Standard silver, Round silver, Artistic silver, standard gold, artistic gold, niobium black and niobium with copper accent.   Use this wording when making a request (by using the "add a note" option when finalizing your order).  Not pictured here:  studs and leverbacks.  I do keep these on hand for the rare customer who prefers them.  Only some of my earrings can be switched over to this style, so send me a note if you are interested.  

All my gold earrings are on 14 kt gold-filled wire hooks.  I never use brass or copper for ear wires, even if the earring itself is made of brass.

For extreme metal sensitivities:

Try niobium earring hooks!  Niobium is a non-reactive metal used for medical implants that makes wonderfully non-reactive earring wires or hooks.  They don't work for everyone, but have an excellent record for people with metal sensitivities.  I can switch nearly any earring over to niobium upon request at no extra charge.  Just ask!  I always use niobium for copper designs and for antique brass designs.



I also have sterling silver clips, which do incur an extra charge.  Usually, any earring can be switched over to a clip if you would like.  Just ask by using the "add a note" option when finalizing your order.

Customizing Your Jewelry

I am happy to customize jewelry for you!  It doesn't necessarily cost more than a ready-made piece of jewelry.  Is it gold when you prefer silver?  Is it too long?  Too short?  It's black and you wish it were blue? Just message me to get a conversation going!

Did you just buy a new outfit and you'd like to have jewelry to match?  That is right up my alley.  Just message me to get a conversation going!  Sometimes, my customers will email me a photo of their outfit. I love that!

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