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Get caught wearing something nobody else has!


Resistance is Futile!

Sister Earrings!

Sister earrings!

Try a pair to express

your inner artist! 

Buy the Jewelry you fall in love with!  The outfit can come later...

Sisters, but not twins!
but not twins!


Sculptini are tiny, wearable sculptures that are created using a torch, melting together pieces of argentium silver to make delightful shapes that are sculptural and unique. Argentium sterling silver has a tiny bit of germanium added to make it tarnish resistant for a lasting shine. Shown here are Bubbles! which are sculptini created to remind one of the random formation of bubbles,  seeming to pile up and drip down...

Plucky Charms

Plucky Charms are inexpensive pendants and charms that you can stack and combine to suit your outfit and mood. Wear one, three or ten!  The stones are genuine and the wire wrapping is sterling silver, but most of them are zinc alloy metals or pewter, so they are more economical than sterling silver.

Come to one of my sales events to play around with the charms to put together a set that tells YOUR story, in YOUR colors! Or, shop the store.  You can order exactly what you see or work with me to customize.  If you would like me to customize a set for you with different colors and elements,  email me at or use the contact form here on the website.

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